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Journey 019 - The Road to Wealth Generation with Brian Mac Mahon

Episode Summary

Intrigued by the dynamics of startup funding, success and failure, entrepreneur, Brian Mac Mahon, founded a training academy and accelerator for early stage entrepreneurs, Expert DOJO. Now, the largest training academy in Southern California, unlike any investment firm, they strive for a world where the greatness of the individual overrides the socio-economic complications that dictate who becomes wealth generators and who falls by the wayside.

Episode Notes

Part 1: The Essence of the American Dream from a Global Perspective [6:17]

Brian talks about his incredible entrepreneurial journey and why he decided to establish an early stage startup accelerator that acts as a gateway for entrepreneurs all over the world to access the wealth in America.

Key Questions

Q2: Tell us more about the journey that shaped you into a global entrepreneur [6:68]

Q3:  What are the three most important business truths you learned while consulting and coaching business across the world? [12:30]

Q4:  How did your view of business change after moving to the States? [16:54]

Part 2: Conscious Investing in Powerful Business Ideas [19:30]

We discuss different types of investment and Expert DOJO's unique approach to creating wealth generators.

Key Questions

Q5: Take us back to the beginning, to the moment you thought of the name ‘Expert Dojo’ and the vision you had for it. [20:05]

Q6: What is the difference between angel investment and venture capitalist investment? Why would a start-up potentially prefer one investor to another? [24:25]

Part 3: The Art of Startup Wars  [37:42]

Every day we are on the brink of entering into the future without ever truly knowing what the future holds. How do we know which businesses might become invaluable and which ones are less essential to our needs? 

Key Questions

Q9: From an investor’s point of view, can you firstly share some recent success stories? [38:30]

Q10: From your point of view, what is implied by the term ‘business’? [44:25]

Q11: What is the most important question any entrepreneur should ask themselves: 1) before they commit to a business idea, 2) during the initial growth of their business and 3) when they seem to have hit a wall and would like to know, what next? [45:22]

Resources Mentioned:

  1. The Inventor: Out for Blood in Silicon Valley - series on Theranos
  2. Nir Eyal - Hooked: How to Create Habit-Forming Products - one of Brian's favourite books
  3.  Gary Vaynerchuck - Entrepreneur in the wine business

Expert DOJO has a uniquely supportive approach to investment by combining it with a mentoring programme. If you want expert guidance and support or if you are looking for investors in your business idea, you can find out more about what Expert DOJO at

You can also find them on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.


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